Why pay excessive fees to transfer money? Just send and receive money using your txtNpay wallet. No hidden charges. It’s easy and faster.

Send or receive money to and from anyone with a mobile phone in Ghana. (Person to person transfer).
Receive money from outside Ghana. (International transfer- coming soon).
Transfer money to txtNpay wallet from your bank account.

You can use your txtNpay wallet directly from your phone using SMS or GPRS or on your computer by login into your wallet.

Log in to your consumer wallet  at https://www.txtnpay.net/wap using your mobile ID  and PIN.
Choose “send money” from your menu.
Enter the desired amount and the mobile number or nickname you are sending money to.
Confirm the transaction and wait for your confirmation number.
The recipient will receive a message with the same confirmation number.


Example: To send 5GHC to recipient 0208340055 with your pin code 22222 and a mobile ID of 45z67.

See SMS command list