To register as a customer, just send a message from your phone with the following details to short code 1075 (Tigo, Vodafone, Zain, Kasapa) or 1330 (MTN).

e.g. REG 123456 ERICA BAAH

To start using your wallet, present an ID to any of our Agent Locations and make a deposit of 50GHC or less after which you can start sending money, paying bills and buying top-up from your phone.

For transactions beyond 50GHC, you will need to fill a registration form and provide a copy of your ID at any txtNpay agent for upgrade.

In addition to your phone, you will have access to your wallet online and will be able to do transactions directly from the web once upgraded

To login to your TxtNpay wallet on wap, type in your phone browser the URL and login with your phone number as your mobile ID and your 6 digit PIN. . You can change your 6digit pin later via SMS by sending a message “RESET(SPACE)OLD PIN(SPACE) NEW PIN” to the appropriate short code as stated above or by calling our customer service.

You will have access to your wallet online at once upgraded.

Finally, please note that you can send money, pay bills and buy Top-up directly from the agent if you are not a registered TxtNpay user. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any problem.

Send text message to your network short code.

  • Vodafone1075
  • KASAPA1075
  • TIGO1075
  • MTN1330
Wait for confirmation message from txtNpay


See SMS command list