1- What is a txtnpay wallet?
Txtnpay is a mobile phone-based secured payment system that enables its users to send money to anyone with a mobile phone, pay bills, buy pre-paid airtime, check their bank balance, and purchase goods and services. The txtNpay wallet is an electronic stored value account. Customers fund the wallet by buying txtNpay electronic cash at an approved partner outlet or making a transfer from their bank account. txtNpay works with any mobile phone and mobile operator.

Txtnpay is designed to make it easier for mobile phone users, financial service providers and merchants to interact through a personalized and integrated platform accessible across a range of mobile devices while protecting the consumer’s confidential data. Consumers can configure their preferred menu of services to interact with on their mobile phone device. They can also schedule mobile alert notifications when a payment is due and, with a single click, pay bills with txtnpay and receive confirmation.

2- Why should I use txtNpay?
Txtnpay is convenient. Consumers carry their phone everywhere. Txtnpay brings convenience in their daily financial transaction by allowing them to send money, pay your bills, and shop from the comfort of their mobile phones anywhere, anytime.

TxtNpay is secure. With enhanced patented digital security, authentication and processing features, txtNpay protects today’s electronic consumer.

TxtNpay is immediate. All transactions are completed in real-time and the funds are available right away. txtNpay works with any mobile phone and with any mobile operator.

3- How and where do I open a txtNpay wallet?
You can open a txtNpay wallet via SMS registration or at an approved partner location identifiable by the txtnpay partner logo.

Via SMS:
    e.g. REG 123456 KOFI MENSAH

  1. Send SMS with syntax above replacing PIN, FirstName and LastName with yours to short code 1075 (Kasapa, Vodafone, Tigo, Zain) or 1330 (MTN)
  2. You will receive confirmation SMS if successful
  3. Make your first deposit at a txtNpay partner location with a valid ID
  4. Start enjoying txtNpay immediately.

  5. NB: This method allows you to register to try out service with a maximum deposit of 50 ghc. If you want to exceed this limit please visit any approved partner location with Photo ID to complete KYC process.
At an Approved Partner Location:
  1. Fill in the registration form.
  2. Present a valid photo ID for verification. You will receive a text message with your registration details.
  3. Call our customer service at 0302773666 to activate your wallet
  4. Make your first deposit at a txtNpay partner’s location.
  5. Start enjoying txtNpay immediately.
4- Where can I find txtnpay approved partners?
Txtnpay approved partners are banks and other dealer outlets that are in partnership with Afric Xpress to offer txtnpay services. These partners are carefully selected after a rigorous screening process to offer txtnpay services, including registering new users, selling electronic cash (deposits in txtNpay wallet), buying electronic cash (withdrawal from txtnpay). Partners are easily identifiable by the “txtnpay Partner” logo displayed on their site.

5- Where does the money I deposit go?

The money you deposit is secured with Afric Xpress Bank Partner. Your wallet is credited on the Afric Xpress platform and the money goes directly to the bank. You have all the security of a bank account with the convenience of using your mobile phone for all your transactions.

6- Do I need to have a bank account to use txtNpay?
No. You do not need a bank wallet to open and operate a txtNpay wallet. The txtNpay wallet is an independent stored value account that can be charged by making direct deposits at an approved partner location. You can also receive deposits to your wallet from relatives and friends. However, should you have a bank account; you can choose to link it to your txtNpay wallet. By doing so, you can check your bank balance and make transfers from your bank account to your txtNpay wallet easily.

7- What type of phone do I need to be able to use txtNpay?
You can use txtnpay with any type of mobile phone via text messages (sms) or wap.

8- Do I need to register with a particular mobile company to use txtNpay?
TxtNpay is mobile carrier neutral. You can use the services with a subscription from any mobile company. Currently, all the mobile network operators are supported.

9- How much does it cost?
You will pay a one-time registration fee when you open your wallet. All charges after this will only apply for the services that you use. Consult your registration documents for transaction pricing details. Fees are subject to change.

10- Do I have to pay the mobile company as well for the service?
Making a txtNpay transaction is like sending a standard text message. The mobile service provider’s fees still apply.

11- How reliable and safe is txtnpay?
txtNpay uses enhanced patented digital security, authentication and processing features to protect its users. When you open a txtNpay wallet, you choose a unique ID and PIN that you will use to confirm your transactions. This information should be kept securely. You can change your PIN at any time. If you lose or forget you PIN, call the customer service at anytime to suspend the wallet.

The txtnpay platform uses highly developed security routers and switches to guard against illegitimate intrusions, protect against threats and control access to the application and its networks. All your data is kept secure and safe.

12- Do I need to get a txtNpay wallet before I can send and receive money?
Yes. You need to get a txtNpay wallet before you can send money. However, money can be sent to a mobile phone number before the mobile subscriber has a wallet. In such a case, the phone number is credited and the subscriber contacted to open a txtNpay wallet in order to access the money for withdrawal, top-up, paying bills or sending it to someone else.

13- How and where do I withdraw money?
If you have received money, you will receive a text message with the sender’s contact information and the amount credited to you. You can withdraw money from any approved txtnpay partner, easily identifiable by the “txtnpay Partner” logo displayed on their site.

14- How long does it take to have the money available
If you have received money you will get a text message with the sender’s information and the amount credited to you as soon as the sender finalizes the transaction. The money is available immediately for you to withdraw at an approved txtnpay partner location or use directly from your mobile phone.

15- Can I receive money from or send money out of Ghana?
Your relatives and friends who live out of Ghana can deposit money into your txtNpay wallet. All they need is your phone number. The service to send money out of Ghana will soon be available.

16- How can I change my PIN?

There are two ways to change your PIN:
  1. Sign in online at www.txtnpay.net using your current PIN and change it yourself. You will receive an email confirming the change.
  2. Call the txtnpay Customer service to change your password. In both cases, you can use your new PIN immediately.