Afric Xpress uses a proven, secured and reliable payment transaction platform that is currently deployed in several countries. The robust transaction engine interact with multiple devices: mobile phones, ATMs, point of sale (retailer) systems, prepaid platforms, bill payment systems...

At the core of the system is a powerful payment engine running in a secured and highly scalable, industrial strength servers. It provides streamlined authentication, authorization, wallet and payment services to consumers and value-added business partners like leading banks, mobile carriers, utility companies, merchants, and event organizers. It serves as a major hub for businesses and consumers alike to transact and settle payments conveniently.

Real-time and high-throughput transaction management system.
Capable to handle un-banked customers, increase efficiency on payment process.
Consistent user-friendly interface for customers, administrators, and business partners.
Specialized adapters for interfacing with external systems that give the business partner the ability to extend data services to its current and prospective customers.
For the mobile operators, provides a reliable prepaid eTopup solution without the production of expensive physical prepaid cards or vouchers.
Allows real-time point-to-point payments and funds transfer with instant confirmation.
Complies with stringent banking operation and audit requirements.
Provides a dynamic platform for merchants and financial institutions to cross sell and market products to prospective customers.
Choice of payment options.
Clear and easy-to-use report interface for consumers and business partners.
Multiple currency support.